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1. How much P.S.I is your reel’s capability?

Our reels are currently tested from 150 – 40,000 P.S.I.

2. Why is fluid or air leaking from my swivel?

O-ring worn out or wrong O-ring for material being handled. Replace O-rings with O-ring kit or replace with correct rings for material being handled. Swivel may be loose or not enough pipe thread sealant on shaft threads. Remove swivel and check threads ensuring they are in good condition.  Reapply thread sealant and install swivel onto reel ensuring good thread engagement.

3. What colours and types of finishing do you offer?

We mostly offer powder coating or galvanizing for steel and passivation for stainless steel. Our standard colours are grey, red, yellow, white, gunmetal grey and black.

4. How do I slow down the speed of my motor driven reel?

Here at UWF we offer two main ways to slow down your speed; 1) an idler assembly and 2) a rotor cam clutch. We can also add an air brake if an emergency stop is needed.

5. What is the turn around time for a standard reel?

Our lead time for a standard reel is around 2 weeks.

6. What is the turn around time for a custom-made reel?

Our lead time for a custom-made reel is between 4 – 5 weeks, subject to the availability of parts required.

7. Do you stock replacement parts for reel, manifolds and valves?

Yes, we have a wide range of replacement parts for reels, manifolds and valves. Please see our replacement parts for more information.

8. What types of welding service do you offer?

We offer MIG, TIG, Stick for Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. We also offer cast iron welding.

9. Do you offer remote or on-site welding?

No, all of our welding services are done in house.

10. . What type of warranty do you offer?

Unique Welding & Fabricating Ltd. guarantees products manufactured to be free of defects caused by faulty parts and workmanships for 1 year

from the date of shipment.

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