Welding Company in Mississauga

At Unique Welding & Fabricating, we provide an unparalleled experience for people seeking an honest, reliable, and helpful welding company for their machining and tooling needs. Whether you need us to weld parts such as pipes and other components used for construction and manufacturing or add layers of metal to repair worn parts, we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

If you’re located in Mississauga, you can’t go wrong with our services. From our talented hands to you, we offer a welding service that guarantees the best results.

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What Unique Welding & Fabricating’s Welding Company Has to Offer

Staying ahead of technological trends is what we do to deliver the high-quality welding solutions we’re known for. Over the years, we’ve established a reputation as the local area’s best welding shop that goes above and beyond to ensure every weld is perfect. When you choose us, you can expect the following:

Forward Take on Innovation: We pride ourselves on our solutions, even if it means going the extra mile to deliver them. We never shy away from a challenge and are committed to developing creative, innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions.

Unparalleled Quality: We offer expert welding services that are performed with care, skill, and attention to detail. Our quality control processes, and organizational culture help us to stay committed to quality throughout the project.

Work with a Variety of Metals: Our personalized approach to welding services means we have experience working on all types of metals, including cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, among others.

Customized Welding Solutions

We approach each project with the personalized diligence that you expect and deserve. We never force our services on you, but we carefully assess your personal needs to ensure we can guarantee success. Our welding services are only tailored to your budget and individual requirements.

Various Types of Welding Services

We pride ourselves on being the local one-stop shop for every welding need. Our team of welders is licensed and equipped with years of experience harnessing their skills in all welding areas. Here are some of the more common services we provide. 

Arc Welding:  If you are looking for a versatile and affordable option for joining metals, arc welding is the best option. It uses an AC or DC current to melt and join materials. Every team member is qualified in arc welding.

MIG Welding: This is a type of arc welding in which metal inert shielding gas such as argon is used to produce submerged arc welds. If your project includes aluminum or mild steel, MIG welding is the best option. 

TIG Welding: TIG welding is useful for welding different materials together. It’s most used for welding wagons, frames of bicycles, lawnmowers, door handles, fenders, and more.

Contact Us Now for Your Welding Needs in Mississauga

Only settle for the best when it comes to your welding needs. Unique Welding & Fabricating comprises highly qualified welders with years of diverse experience, and we are a locally preferred company in the Mississauga area.

We work on projects of all sizes and are happy to help bring your project to life. Considering our reasonable prices, impressive turnarounds, and unparalleled customer service, you won’t regret choosing us.

If you have a project on the horizon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at (905) 564-9962 now.