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Hose Reels Replacement Parts

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R000MCP021 12V - 1/3 HP Non Explosion Proof Motor, 500 RPM (Face Mount)
R000MCP072 12V - 2/3 HP Explosion Proof Motor, 500 RPM (Base & Flange Mount)
R000MCP025 115V - 1/2 HP Explosion Proof Motor, 650 RPM (Base & Flange Mount)
R000MCP066 Hydraulic Motor
R000MCP000 Air Motor (4AM)
R000MCP019 Air Motor (6AM)
R000MCP923 Brushes For 12V Motor
R200CHN035 Chain 3/8" Pitch No. 35
R200CHN040 Chain 1/2" Pitch No. 40
R200CHN135 Connecting Link No. 35
R200CHN140 Connecting Link No. 40
R851SEA080 1-1/2" Seal & Ring Assembly - Purple Fluorosilicone
R801SEA085 2" Seal & Ring Assembly - Purple Fluorosilicone
R801SEA346 3" Seal & Ring Assembly - Purple Fluorosilicone
R200SPK204 10T Sprocket No. 35
R200SPK180 180T Sprocket No. 35
R200SPK138 138T Sprocket No. 35
R200SPK120 120T Sprocket No. 35
R200SPK112 112T Sprocket No. 40
R299BGL211 15/16" Bearing Pressed Steel
R699BGL211 15/16" Aluminum Bearing
R299BGL012 1-5/16" Ball Bearing
R000CMA410 Air Brake Disc, C/W Sprocket No. 35
R000CMA417 Air Brake Assembly
R000CMA421 Friction Brake Assembly
R600COM058 Bevel Gear 52T
R000COM750 Motor Pivot Assembly
R000CMA268 Handwind Assembly
R299CRK010 Crank Handle For Hose Reels
R000CMA560 Idler Assembly
R000CMA001 Clutch & Gear Reduction Assembly
R599CMA095 Swing Joint - 1" NPTF x 1" NPTF - 1,000 PSI Bronze C/W Viton Seal
R600COM392 2" x 90 Degree Inlet Adapter For 1-1/2" Fluid Path Assembly
R600COM075 2" Vic x 1-1/2" NPTF Straight Inlet Adapter For 1-1/2" Fluid Path Assembly
R600COM355 2" Straight Inlet Adapter For 2" Fluid Path Assembly
R560COM341 3" Inlet Adapter
R600COM451 3" x 90 Degree Inlet Adapter
R600COM082 1-1/4" NPTM Gooseneck
R600COM081 1-1/2" NPTM Gooseneck
R600COM779 1-1/2" NPTF Gooseneck
R600COM096 2" NPTF Gooseneck
R600COM092 2" NPTM Gooseneck
R600COM339 3" NPTF Gooseneck
R600COM353 1-1/2" New Style Spindle
R600COM360 1-1/2" Old Style Spindle
R600COM354 2" New Style Spindle
R600COM090 2" Old Style Spindle
R600COM452 3" Spindle
R000CMA009 Weatherproof Switch
UW314003 Fluorosilicone Disc For Switch
R000MCP070 Circuit Breaker
R600COM178 1-1/2" New Style Swing Joint Housing
R600COM078 1-1/2" Old Style Swing Joint Housing
R200COM332-PC 3/32" Steel Cable For Static Reel
R200COM332-SNC 3/32" Stainless Steel Cable For Static Reel
R200COM025-C Alligator Clamp - 75 AMPS - 3/4"
S800RS0224 1-3/4" ID x 2" OD Viton
S800RS0228 2-1/4" ID x 2-1/2" OD Viton
S800RS0238 3-1/2" ID x 3-3/4" OD Viton

We can custom manufacture to your specifications

Replacement Parts

Unique Hosereels provides a wide range of custom and standard in-stock parts for immediate delivery. We understand that timing is critical to profitability and, as such, manage our replacement parts division with outmost diligence.

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