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Custom Manufacturer of Hose Reels

Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel


UGR50-100 Series Hand Rewind Static Grounding Reels

Unique Hosereels has been in business since 2006 and throughout the years we have become leaders in providing manual reels and many other reel products. With a commitment to high quality and premium customer service, it is easy to see why our company has grown and cemented our reputation as a leader in the industry. While our company may be relatively young, our founders have over 30 years of experience within the industry, we use this experience and knowledge to provide manual reels and other products that are made to our customer’s specifications.

The products we make serve a wide range of industries such as fuel delivery, aviation fuels, firefighting, sewer cleaning, industrial, and custom built manual reels for a variety of applications. Our team is handpicked in order to provide top of the line products no matter the application, each member of our team is an industry specialist.

We work with each customer to provide a solution that works for them, if you require your UGR50-100 series product to be a manual reel, we can make that happen. These reels are an outstanding addition to any application where a single static spark could ignite an explosion or fire. These manual reels are simply clamped to the ground and any static build up that occurs during the reeling process is discharged through the reel and is safely grounded.

If a manual reel is not applicable for your application we also offer a spring re-wind mechanism in our USGR50-100 series reels. This feature requires minimal cable pull in order to release the lock and a declutching arbor is added to automatically disengage the spring, this prevents reverse winding damage.

No matter the choice you make between the manual reels or spring re-wind reels, the UGR50-100 Series are some of the best static grounding reels in the business. All of the welding is done in-house by our certified welders and our CAD systems are also in-house. Through offering custom solutions and in-house designing and manufacturing you can be assured the product you need can be provided by Unique Hosereels.


Aluminum and Stainless Steel available

Static grounding reels provide for the payout, retraction and compact storage of 50 and 100 feet of static grounding cable, use in any flammable atmosphere when a build-up of static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion, they operate manually by hand or with a spring re-wind mechanism requiring minimal cable pull to release the lock. A declutching arbor on the spring models automatically disengages the spring to prevent damage from reversing winding.

Series UGR can be supplied with or without 3/32" diameter galvanized carbon steel aircraft cable X3/16" OD, clear PVC cover & "Y" bracket.


  • Many more sizes available from standard components, please consult factory
  • Standard paint color-grey, other colors available, please consult factory

We can custom manufacture to your specifications

Replacement Parts

Unique Hosereels provides a wide range of custom and standard in-stock parts for immediate delivery. We understand that timing is critical to profitability and, as such, manage our replacement parts division with outmost diligence.

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